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Fanfiction Archives

The Magnificent Seven television series
Spirit of the Seven - Lit'l Bit's comprehensive archive of Mag7 fanfiction,
organized by featured character and story type
Mag7 Rides Fanfiction Archive - Stories from the Mag7Rides fanfic mailing list
Tanner Tales - Features Vin Tanner as the primary character
A Magnificent Seven Fanfiction Archive - Stories archived from the M7fic discussion list
Inkslingers Archive - Fic from the Inkslingers mailing list
Mag7 Virtual Season - Fanfic written in lieu of new episodes
ATF Alternate Universe - The first archive for the ATF alternate universe
ATF Virtual Season - A virtual season created for the popular a/u

Lonesome Dove television series
Lonesome Dove Fanfic Archive - Includes fic for a virtual season

Resources for Writers
The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the Wild West (1840-1900)
by Candy Moulton
The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800s by Mark McCutcheon
Curtis Wells - Includes links to 19th Century historical sites
WestWeb - Information about the Old West
The Cascade Hospital - A great resource for modern medical information
Recommended articles and websites on writing in general

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