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Engage the Future

One constant belief throughout life has been that dreams are worth holding with all your might. That dream has now manifested itself in an unexpected way. While the intention remains to exhaust all possibilities of publication, the interim has yielded a small body of work in the form of fanfiction. At first, writing such stories was an attempt to reclaim the love for this craft, and now that rehearsal has brought forth a desire to write for a larger audience. You are invited to witness this journey to the future.

Fanfiction based on The Magnificent Seven

The Heart of a Lady
Mary Travis' less-than-lovely cousin comes to Four Corners and is befriended by Ezra Standish who helps her discover what it means to be a lady.

Starting Over
Chris Larabee encounters an old flame while transporting a large amount of money intended to establish a new town. But Chris soon learns that Amelia Eagan is not the same woman he once knew.

The Distance Home conclusion to "Starting Over"
Chris brings Amelia back to Four Corners to face the consequences of her actions.

An old friend of Vin Tanner's appears in Four Corners and forces Vin to choose between his past and his present, between old friends and new ones.

Fiction based on The Magnificent Seven ATF alternate universe

Chances Not Taken, Choices Not Made
Ezra Standish goes undercover with Detective Amelia Eagan to infiltrate a weapons and drug trafficking empire.

Resources for the Writer
"Keep Writing Clear and Imaginative" by Charles Haddad
Helpful links to online and print resources
Writer's Digest
Fiction Writer

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