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The CFAN Styleguide

Assembled by Kelly "Kielle" Newcomb

Okay. Folks have been threatening to do this for AGES. I decided to finally go ahead and do it. If you're looking for an interesting read, you are perfectly within your rights to skip ahead to the next fanfic post. I'D do it! If you're a writer, though, stick this somewhere on your hard-drive and check it out at some future point. You might find it useful. Or you may find me utterly snobby and insufferable. That's okay too. I'm cool with it.

I won't claim to be perfect, and I too have my share of unreasonable opinions on what's right or wrong (do I ever!), but if it makes you feel better I basically know what I'm saying. If my "resume" would help give me more credibility, I served for three years as copy/managing editor of the Golden West College "Western Sun," which in my last year took the state's top honors for General Excellence. I then worked for two years at Interplay Productions as their sole official manual writer/proofreader. (Er, if you find something by Interplay with a blatant mistake in it, hey, all I can say is that they didn't run everything by me. I wish they did! No, wait, that'd have meant more work for, scratch that... ;)

'Kay. {rubbing hands together} Here we go. The following comments or thoughts are based off of my unattributed notes and are not aimed at anyone in particular that I can recall. First, I have four suggestions which pretty much cover everything:

(otherwise known as people who caught MY mistakes -- yipe!)

Denise Keppel for stirring up some controversy in the "Southern-isms" section
"The Icehole" for digging up the history of the word "Shi'ar"
Kurt Hackenberg for kindly catching some embarrassing typos...
Menshevik/Tilman for some major contributions in the area of languages
Paul Tran on the spelling of "Excalibur" (oops)
Tapestry & Me on the spelling of "Jonothon Starsmore"
Nova Zion for clarifications on Canadian vs. Cajun
...and Alara Rogers, Belle/Desley, Lori McDonald, and Night Angel for various tweaks and comments

Common Language Boo-Boos