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My initial encounter with the Hive Mind occurred when I first witnessed the Borg on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was immediately intrigued with the idea of a collective consciousness, but when Captain Picard became Locutus (and in such extraordinary fashion), I was mesmerized. As villainous and without conscience as the Borg were, the concept of sharing a single mind was fascinating to me.
Later (in reruns) I discovered Dark Skies, the 1996 sci-fi series starring Eric Close and Megan Ward. Its primary enemy was the Hive Collective. For all their evil attempts to take over Earth, the Hive may have been on to something. The sharing of vast amounts of knowledge, the meshing of ideas to reach a common goal, a level of cooperation unknown to humanity -- none of this seemed too outlandish. A sophisticated brainstorming technique, really. And so, when Kim Sayers (Megan Ward) crossed over to become a member of the Hive, seduced by the fact that her newborn son was being held by the group, I couldn't really blame her. I suppose I would've done the same thing.
Hive represents the culmination of many ideas, thoughts, discussions, suggestions and ideals. Hive Productions is the warehouse where the resulting works are stored. If you like what you see, please share this with others. If you have suggestions that might make this a better experiment, feel free to share that with us--Hive Productions. After all, it takes more than one to form a collective.

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