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Fanfiction based on
The Magnificent Seven television series

By Claire
The Heart of a Lady
Mary Travis' less-than-lovely cousin comes to Four Corners and is befriended by Ezra Standish who teaches her what it means to be a lady.

Starting Over
Chris Larabee encounters an old flame while transporting a large amount of money intended to establish a new town. But Chris soon learns that Amelia Eagan is not the same woman he once knew.

The Distance Home conclusion to "Starting Over"
Chris brings Amelia back to Four Corners to face the consequences of her actions.

An old friend of Vin Tanner's appears in Four Corners and forces Vin to choose between his past and his present, between old friends and new ones.
By Jean
Ezra Standish is kidnapped by a sadistic gambler bent on destroying him one piece of dignity at a time, and his friends are forced to battle a winter storm as they attempt to rescue him from the clutches of the madman.
By Jo
Vin Tanner gets more than he bargained for when he offers to help a new woman in town.

The Sound of Silence
Vin Tanner confronts the reasons he allowed himself to have feelings for a woman with whom he could never build a life. contains references to several episodes

Wildflowers by Jo and DesertSage
Vin Tanner finds himself struggling for his life in the emptiness of the prairie.

By Linda Backer
Vin Tanner must face difficult emotions when a government official stops in Four Corners during the transportation of a young Indian boy to a school in the East.
Note: This story was written as a birthday gift to Claire. The page was created in respect for the themes presented in the story and in honor of Linda's sensitivity to the subject matter and to the characterization of Vin Tanner.
By Sue Bartholomew
Shenandoah Waltz
News of an escaped prisoner in the area of Four Corners brings back bittersweet chilhood memories for Ezra Standish.

A collection of scenes, short snippets, poems and the like which feature Vin Tanner as the main character and whose content evokes a deep, emotional response. VINnettes are often romantic in nature.
Whiskey in the Rain by Tanners_Girl
Moonlight by Tanners_Girl
Time Stood Still by Jo
To See Her Smile Again by Jo
The Hug by Jo
His Presence by Jo
His Eyes by Jo
If I Had To Do It Again by Linda Backer

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