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In 1998, The Magnificent Seven first aired on television as a weekly series. Based on the 1960 movie starring Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen, the series chronicled the lives of seven men hired to protect a fledgling town in the post-Civil War West. While the series itself only lasted two seasons, the second of which was made possible by an Internet campaign launched by fans, the spirit of The Magnificent Seven has lived on. Many websites have been dedicated to the series, its actors and its stories, and those fans who keep it alive have become a family of sorts. The Magnificent Seven is the story of a group of men pulled together by unusual circumstances who soon learn that they share common bonds. Fans of The Magnificent Seven have learned the same thing. It is an adventure to ride with The Magnificent Seven. I invite you now to join the ride.

The Nashville Network is currently airing the episodes on Wednesday evenings. Check the schedule for times.
MGM reports that the episodes will "soon" be released on videotape as well.
In the meantime, producer John Watson reported that TNN has expressed an interest in new episodes for the series. Read his message here then post your thoughts at

The Series

MGM's Official Magnificent Seven Site - The first site devoted to the series. Includes up-to-date info
Ride with the Magnificent Seven - Episode guides, sound files, fanfic and more
Tribute to The Magnificent Seven - Site with cultural links and artwork depicting the American West
Zen's Magnificent Seven Page - Includes a terrific list of links for anything Mag7
The Watering Hole - Provides links to VINland, Chris Country and more fun stuff

The Actors and Their Characters

The Official Michael Biehn Fan Club
The Sharpshooter - Eric Close as Vin Tanner
Eric Close Screen Captures - Includes current and previous roles
Bones Set, Wounds Healed - Rick Worthy as Nathan Jackson
Andrew Kavovit - Dedicated to the works of Andrew Kavovit
The Dale Midkiff Page - Includes a terrific collection of pics and sounds
The Chris and Mary Page - Devoted to Chris Larabee and Mary Travis
A Martinez - Site for the man who guest starred as Rafael in "Love and Honor"
Screen captures from the series - A wonderful collection by Marg Baskin
A Wrinkle in Time - Professional photos available for purchase

Internet Communities bound by The Magnificent Seven

The Posse - Mailing list for fans of the show
Vin's Vixens - List for fans of Vin Tanner and Eric Close
The Standish Tavern - List for fans of Ezra Standish and Anthony Starke
Larabee Ladees - List for fans of Chris Larabee and Michael Biehn
Buck's Babes - List for fans of Dale Midkiff as Buck Wilmington
Josiah's Jezebelles - List for fans of Ron Perlman as Josiah Sanchez
Nathan's Nightengales - List for fans of Rick Worthy as Nathan Jackson
Dunne's Darlins - List for fans of Andrew Kavovit as JD Dunne
Andrew Kavovit List - List for fans to discuss Andy's various projects
Chris and Mary - List for fans of the Chris Larabee/Mary Travis pairing
St. Louis Gathering of the Posse - Highlights from the gathering in May, 1999

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